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Quick Start

  • Run npx mega-linter-runner --install to generate configuration files
  • Commit, push, and create a pull request
  • Watch !

Runner Install


  • This repo is a hard-fork of GitHub Super-Linter, rewritten in python to add lots of additional features
  • If you are a Super-Linter user, you can transparently switch to Mega-Linter and keep the same configuration (just replace github/super-linter@v3 by nvuillam/mega-linter@v4 in your GitHub Action YML file, like on this PR)
  • If you want to use Mega-Linter extra features (recommended), please take 5 minutes to use Mega-Linter assisted installation
  • For a hand-holdy example of getting started with mega-linter check out this blog post by Alec Johnson