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[insiders] (master)

Note: Can be used with nvuillam/mega-linter@insiders in your GitHub Action mega-linter.yml file, or with nvuillam/mega-linter@latest docker image

  • Fixes
    • Prevent unexpected token error using mega-linter-runner on old versions of node
    • #293 Fix CI for PR from forked repositories
    • #295 Fix crash when .cspell.json is not parseable (wrong JSON format)
  • Linter versions upgrades
    • phpstan from 0.12.68 to 0.12.69 on 2021-01-24
    • cfn-lint from 0.44.4 to 0.44.5 on 2021-01-25

[4.26.0] 2021-01-24

  • Core architecture
    • Manage remote mega-linter.yml configuration files
    • New property EXTENDS, allowing to inherit from remote mega-linter.yml configuration files
    • Add docker-in-docker management (reuse running docker instance)
    • Allow to skip auto apply fixes with commit or PR if latest commit text contains skip fix
    • Provide new issue link to create a new flavor to improve performances
  • Linters
    • Add revive GO linter
    • Add SwiftLint for Swift language
    • New Mega-Linter flavor swift
    • Get correct version for eslint-plugin-jsonc

[4.25.0] 2021-01-22

  • Fixes
    • #269 eslint: .eslintrc.yml is considered as found whereas it's not located in workspace root

[4.24.1] 2021-01-19

  • mega-linter-runner --install
    • Create .jscpd.json file if copy-paste detection is activated
    • Display ending message
  • Fixes
    • #266: shfmt error in python flavor, and reactivate BASH_SHFMT and DOCKERFILE_HADOLINT for own sources linting)
  • Linter versions upgrades

[4.24.0] 2021-01-14

  • Linter versions upgrades
    • v8r from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0 on 2021-01-14
    • phpstan from 0.12.66 to 0.12.67 on 2021-01-14
    • psalm from 4.3.1 to Psalm.4.x-dev@ on 2021-01-14

[4.23.3] 2021-01-14

  • Fix .cspell.json file updater
  • Linter versions upgrades
    • v8r from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0 on 2021-01-14

[4.23.2] 2021-01-14

  • mega-linter-runner --install:
    • Fix .mega-linter.yml DISABLE property when nothing in it
    • Add default .cspell.json if spelling mistakes detector is activated

[4.23.1] 2021-01-12

  • Core
    • Refactor part of Linter & reporters to manage correctly logs when linter cli_lint_mode is project or list_of_files
      • Generate ConsoleLinter and Text reports based from Linter.files_lint_results instead of at each loop
      • When TAP Reporter active, switch linters with cli_lint_mode == "list_of_files" to "files"
      • Fix linter output when cli_lint_mode == "list_of_files"
    • Decrease number of Dockerfile steps

[4.23.0] 2021-01-12

  • Core
    • If the linter is a formatter, errors are not considered as blocking errors by default
  • Linters
    • Add prettier to format Javascript and Typescript. standard remains default
    • Add remark-lint to check and fix Markdown files. markdownlint remains default
  • Linter versions upgrades
    • golangci-lint from 1.35.1 to 1.35.2 on 2021-01-11
    • cfn-lint from 0.44.2 to 0.44.3 on 2021-01-09
    • tflint from 0.23.0 to 0.23.1 on 2021-01-10
    • dotenv-linter from 2.2.1 to 3.0.0 on 2021-01-11
      • Update Mega-Linter to call dotenv-linter v3 with fix and not --fix anymore
    • phpstan from 0.12.65 to 0.12.66 on 2021-01-11

[4.22.1] 2021-01-07

  • Core
    • Improve warning status in logs
    • Remove timestamp at each log line
  • Enhance integration with GitLab CI
    • Update configuration generator
    • Update core to clean logs when in GitLab CI context

[4.22.0] 2021-01-06

  • Core
    • Allow user to configure custom scripts in .mega-linter.yml to run before and after linting, with variables PRE_RUN and POST_RUN
    • Fix wrong linter status bug
    • Enhance configuration variables performances
  • Linters
    • Add JSONC (json with comments) linting with eslint-plugin-jsonc

[4.21.0] 2021-01-03

  • Linters
    • Add misspell spell checker
    • Allow to define cli_lint_errors_regex in descriptors to extract number of errors from linter output stdout
    • Call linters CLIs with list of files instead of once by file, to improve performances
      • eslint
      • markdownlint
      • pylint
      • flake8
      • isort
  • Core
    • Implement architecture for Mega-Linter plugins
    • Count number of errors in linter logs with regexes (cli_lint_errors_count and cli_lint_errors_regex in descriptor files)
    • Cleanup unused legacy from Super-Linter
  • Reports
    • Better icons for Console, GitHub Comment and Text reporters: ✅ ❌
  • Documentation
    • Add Install button for VsCode IDE extensions when available
    • Add Install button for JetBrains IDEs extensions when available
    • Add a new page All linters listing all linters and references to Mega-Linter in their documentation
    • Add json-schema documentation generation and references
  • CI
    • Use quick build and TEST_KEYWORDS in commit messages, to improve contributor experience
  • Fixes
    • Upgrade .tflint default config to work with new tflint version

[4.20.0] 2020-12-28

  • Flavors
    • Add ci_light flavor for only CI config files (Dockerfile,Jenkinsfile,JSON,YAML,XML)
    • Add salesforce flavor for Salesforce projects (DX or Metadata)
    • If all required linters are not in the current flavor, just skip them with a warning message
  • Core
    • Add Json Schema for descriptors (allows validation and auto-completion from IDEs)
    • Add Json Schema for .mega-linter.yml configuration files

[4.19.0] 2020-12-27

  • Installation
    • Add a yeoman generator in mega-linter-runner to initialize configuration in a repository: npx mega-linter-runner --install
  • Linters
    • New linter v8r to validate json and yaml files with

[4.18.0] 2020-12-23

  • Core
    • Do not suggest flavors when Mega-Linter validates only the diff files (VALIDATE_ALL_CODE_BASE: false)
    • Fix ConsoleReporter active linters table content
    • Check if linter is able to fix before flagging it as a fixing linter during runtime
  • Flavors
    • New flavor: documentation
  • Reporters
    • Support GitHub Enterprise for GitHub Comment Reporter
    • Support GitHub Enterprise for GitHub Status Reporter
  • Doc
    • Add docker pulls badge in flavors documentation
    • Generate list of references to Mega-Linter

[4.17.0] 2020-12-18

  • Core
    • Allow to use remote linters configuration files with LINTER_RULES_PATH
    • Add .jekyll-cache in the list of ignored folders by default
    • Arrange display of Flavor suggestions (text and order) in reporter logs
  • Build
    • Dynamically generate ( the list of flavors in github actions workflows
  • Doc
    • Reorganize online documentation menus
  • Linters
    • Add new linter git_diff to check for git conflicts markers
    • Fix rakudo installation
    • Fix phpstan installation

[4.16.0] 2020-12-14

  • Flavored Mega-Linters
    • Generate lightweight docker images to improve Mega-Linter performances on some language based projects
    • During Mega-Linter run, suggest user to use a flavor and write it in reporters
    • Update descriptor YML files to define flavours
    • Update to create one Dockerfile by Mega-Linter flavour & flavors documentation
    • New GHA workflows to build all flavoured Mega-Linters when pushing in master
  • Fixes
    • Output reporter problems as warnings
    • Do not make Mega-Linter fail in case GitHubStatusReporter fails
  • Doc
    • Rename "index" pages into more meaningful labels

[4.15.0] 2020-12-13

  • Add Vue.js linting (eslint-plugin-vue added in dependencies)
  • Configuration parameters changes:
    • Change config setting logic: EXCLUDED_DIRECTORIES is now replacing original directory list instead of extending it
    • Add config setting: ADDITIONAL_EXCLUDED_DIRECTORIES extends EXCLUDED_DIRECTORIES directory list
    • Add config setting: <LINTER_KEY>_FILE_EXTENSIONS to override corresponding value from linter descriptor file
    • Add config setting: <LINTER_KEY>_FILE_NAMES_REGEX to override corresponding value from linter descriptor file
  • Descriptor yaml schema changes:
    • Rename files_names_not_ends_with to file_names_not_ends_with
    • Rename files_names to files_names_regex and change behavior to expect regular expressions in the list. They are applied using full match (i.e. the whole text should match the regular expression)
  • Fix error message from Email Reporter when SMTP password is not set
  • Fix automerge action yml (skip if secrets.PAT is not set)
  • Improve caching of compiled regular expressions
  • Override mkdocs theme to make analytics work
  • CI
    • Auto update linters and documentation: Create update PR only if linter versions has been updated
    • Build and deploy docker images only when it is relevant (not in case of just documentation update for example)

[4.14.2] 2020-12-07

  • Quick fix Github Comment Reporter
  • Reorder linters for reports

[4.14.1] 2020-12-07

  • Fixes
    • Fix python error when does not respond, + harmonize reporter logs

[4.14.0] 2020-12-07

  • Linters
    • Add Salesforce linter: sfdx-scanner
  • Core architecture
    • Allow to call extra commands to build help content

[4.13.0] 2020-12-05

  • Major updates in online documentation generation
    • Reorganize TOC
    • Generate individual pages from README sections and update their internal links targets
    • Open external links in a new browser tab
  • New configuration parameters
    • Allow disabling printing alpaca image to console using PRINT_ALPACA config parameter
    • Support list of additional excluded directory basenames via EXCLUDED_DIRECTORIES configuration parameter
  • New reporters:
    • Email reporter, to send mega-linter reports by mail if smtp server is configured
    • reporter, to access reports with a hyperlink
  • Fixes
    • Fix markdown comments generator when build on Windows
    • Fix terrascan unit test case
    • Run some actions/steps only when PR is from same repository
    • Add comments in markdown generated by
    • Fix boolean variables not taken in account in .mega-linter.yml config file
  • Performance
    • Change way to install linters in Dockerfile (replace FROM ... COPY) by package or sh installation, to reduce the docker build steps from 93 to 87
      • shellcheck
      • editorconfig-checker
      • dotenv-linter
      • golangci-lint
      • kubeval

[4.12.0] 2020-11-29

  • Performances
    • Update default workflow to get ride of has_updates action (replace by output has_updated_files from mega-linter github action)
    • Avoid duplicate runs in mega-linter.yml template and internal workflows, using skip-duplicate-actions
    • Give a proper name to each internal workflow
    • Fix issue about mkdirs failing

[4.11.0] 2020-11-29

  • Manage parallel processing of linters to improve performances

[4.10.1] 2020-11-28

  • Fallback to default behaviours instead of crashes when git not available
  • mega-linter-runner
    • Allow to send env parameters to mega-linter-runner cli
    • Add examples in documentation
    • Publish mega-linter-runner beta version when pushing in master branch

[4.10.0] 2020-11-23

  • Add link to linters rules index in documentation
  • Remove ANSI color codes from log files
  • Add performances by linter in console log
  • New option SHOW_ELAPSED_TIME , allowing the number of seconds elapsed by linter in reports
  • NPM package Mega-Linter runner
    • runs Mega-Linter locally, using .mega-linter.yml configuration (requires docker installed on your computer)
    • test cases added in CI

[4.9.0] 2020-11-23

  • Core
    • Allow configuration to be defined in a .mega-linter.yml file
  • Linters
    • Add Gherkin (Cucumber language) & gherkin-lint
    • Add RST linter : rst-lint
    • Add RST linter : rstcheck
    • Add RST formatter : rstfmt
    • Activate formatting for BASH_SHFMT
    • Activate formatting for SNAKEMAKE_SNAKEFMT
    • JsCpd: remove copy-paste HTML folder when no abuse copy-paste has been found
  • Logs
    • Store log files as artifacts during test cases
    • Add examples of success and failed linter logs in documentation
    • Remove /tmp/lint and /github/workspace from log files
  • Documentation
    • Add list of supported IDE in each linter documentation
    • Generate GitHub card on linter doc when available
    • Store link preview info during build

[4.8.0] 2020-11-17

[4.7.1] 2020-11-16

  • Activate auto-fix for Groovy

[4.7.0] 2020-11-16

  • Update markdown-link-check default config
  • Add tip in documentation about .cspell.json generated by Mega-Linter
  • Remove /tmp/lint from logs
  • Improve summary table for linters in project mode (all project linted in one call, not one file by one file)
  • Add Reporters in documentation, with screenshots
  • New Mega-Linter variables to activate/deactivate/configure reporters

[4.6.0] 2020-11-13

[4.5.0] 2020-11-11

  • Add Visual Basic .NET language & dotnet-format
  • Refactor removal of arguments for formatters (from custom class to Linter generic class)
  • Perl: lint files with no extension containing Perl shebang
  • Add automerge for PR issues from linter versions updates
  • Fix ignored root files issue

[4.4.0] 2020-11-05

  • Add Python iSort
  • Quick fix "PR Comment" reporter (orange light emoji)
  • Refresh fork

[4.3.2] 2020-11-04

  • Add spell checker cspell
  • Add Github Action Workflow to automatically:
    • update linters dependencies
    • rebuild Mega-Linter documentation
    • create a PR with updates
  • Apply fixes performed by linters:
    • User configuration (APPLY_FIXES vars)
    • Descriptors configuration: cli_lint_fix_arg_name set on linter in YML when it can format and/or auto-fix issues
    • Provide fixed files info in reports
    • Test cases for all fixable file types: sample_project_fixes
    • Generate README linters table with column "Fix"
    • Provide fix capability in linters docs
    • Update Workflows YMLs to create PR or commit to apply fixes
  • Core Archi:
    • All linters now have a name different than descriptor_id
    • replace calls from os.path.exists to os.path.isfile and os.path.isdir
  • Other:
    • fix Phive install
    • Upgrade linter versions & help

[4.0.0] 2020-10-01

  • Initial version